History :
Inter IIT Bombay 2014- Bronze medal
Udghosh, IIT-Kanpur 2014- Gold medal
Udghosh, IIT Kanpur 2015- Silver medal
Inter iit Sportech 2016 - Gold medal
Inter IIT Kanpur 2016- Gold medal

Facilities :
We have a separate ground for hockey where you can find our hockey team practising every evening after 6pm. Hockey sticks, and balls you will get from your respective hostel hockey captains. In case you don't get from there you can contact to captain or vice captain. Is there any issue too feel free to ask us

IIT DELHI Hockey team is the strongest team among other iits and have a great history having last year gold in INTER IIT tournament. Our hockey team have a great culture and discipline through past years and was the best team of iit Delhi last year. So we ask you to come and join the defending champions and we promise to take you on a fun filled journey of uncountable match experiences, team efforts, tough practices, dinner treats and memories that you gonna cheer for your lifetime.


Shyam Sundar Soni


Jeetu Singh