Spirit of Inter Hostel

IIT Delhi has one of the most proposed competed event i.e. INTER HOSTEL SPORTS GENERAL CHAMPIONSHIP in which all hostel compete with each other in individual and team events. There are many games played in INTER HOSTEL SPORTS GENERAL CHAMPIONSHIP between hostel like cricket, football, basketball, athletics, hockey and many indoor and outdoor games. These events take place in the world class facilities provided by the institute like the flood-lit grounds, the way how it is organised in common wealth and Asian games.

Any student can attend this event and there is no skill required to join any game or to take part in that game, just you have to build/keep interest and be regular in that game. Any person who is a student of the institute and is a resident of any of the student hostel is allowed to take part in the INTER HOSTEL SPORTS EVENTS.

Every game event has points for the winners depending upon the game in which you are participating like in athletics, the top four positions holder get points and in football, cricket the top six teams get points and like that in other games. The points system is predefined for different sports and the total points accumulated in all the game events eventually decide the final ranking of the hostels and the winner of the Sports General Championship Trophy.

The competition is very fierce as every hostel wants the bragging rights. Students from different hostel come to cheer their hostel, teams and participants. Here, Undergraduate fresher get the first taste of the competition as they can get experience for INTER IIT SPORTS MEET, SPORT TECH as well as to compete with other hostels in inter hostel events. It is basically for the preparation for inter colleges sports meet.

Notice Board

  • BSA is organizing a swimming equipment camp. Cap, costume and goggles available at K.P. Photoshop (Jwalamukhi Hostel) at best prices. Contact: 8802548969, 9999487482
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