About National Sports Organisation

What is NSO?
The National Sports Organization is an effort by the Government of India to promote the development of athletics and sporting activities with the youth of India. It is present in many important institutions of India such as the IITS and IIMs as a course.

How is it conducted in IIT?
In IIT Delhi it is graded as S or Z based on number of hours completed by the student in his first year. A student needs to complete 50 hours in their first semester and another 50 hours in next semester, to get S grade in NSO.
Each student need to complete 100 hours of NSO in their first year or Z will be awarded in NSO which will appear on their final transcript. In case Z is awarded, student is still required to complete 100 hours or degree will not be awarded.

How the attendance system works?
Check your attendance at NSO Attendance.
NSO hours are awarded only through attendance that is taken at SAC, Sports Pavillion or Lawn Tennis Court.
Student can get his NSO hours by:
a. There are select few students who are allowed to practise daily with the institute team. They are given attendance at the same time when they come for practice.
b. Institute runs coaching lessons for students like Penninsula Lawn Tennis Academy, Volleyball Coaching, Baichung Bhutia Football Club. Students can join any of these sports and attend daily classes to get their NSO hours.
c. Conditional fitness programme is run by the institute on daily basis. Students can attend these sessions to get their NSO hours.
d. All Inter IIT students get their NSO hours automatically.

After attending the full session student I Card will be used to mark the presence in database. Students will be able to view their attendance online after the system will update attendance on the website

How many days does NSO operate in a week?
NSO operates 4 days a week i.e. Tuesday to Friday.

What is the length of one session?
Each session is of 2 hours and so are the hours awarded for each presence. Thus, a student needs to attend 25 classes in first semester and another 25 classes in next semester.

Is Inter Hostel practice recorded for NSO hours?
NSO hours are not given for the practice or actual participation in Inter Hostel Sports.

What are the other ways to get NSO hours?
Any kind of activity for the welfare of BSA will be a contribution towards BSA and therefore it will be counted in NSO hours. Activity head, coordinators in Sportech or any kind of work that brings improvement in BSA or assist in its activities may be considered to be equivalent to specified number of NSO hours.

Notice Board

  • BSA is organizing a swimming equipment camp. Cap, costume and goggles available at K.P. Photoshop (Jwalamukhi Hostel) at best prices. Contact: 8802548969, 9999487482
  • View your NSO grades here