Lawn Tennis

The IIT-D campus proudly boasts of its tennis courts: both Synthetic and Clay. These state-of-the-art courts are flood-lighted enabling students to improve upon their skills even after the sun refuses to abide. The Federer's and Nadal's of IIT-D can avail these facilities provided they can arrange for gum-soled shoes and tennis racquets, which are easily issued in the respective hostels. The tennis courts are centrally located, very near the boys' hostels and the SAC circle, and are open 24*7.

The competitions- The Inter-Hostels, during which the courts seem nothing less than a Roman Colosseum thanks to the loud cheerings by the ever-enthusiastic hostel freshers , and The Inter-IITs , the participation in which is a prestigious achievement if you consider the level of competition in this sport.
Tennis also is available as a NSO sport which is tutored on weekdays from 6-8 pm.


Vedant Sharma

Captain, Men

Shouri Srinivas Chikkerur

Vice Captain, Men


Captain, Women

Pratyusha Sharma

Vice Captain, Women


Notice Board

  • BSA is organizing a swimming equipment camp. Cap, costume and goggles available at K.P. Photoshop (Jwalamukhi Hostel) at best prices. Contact: 8802548969, 9999487482
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