Indoor Sports Club

IIT Delhi gives ample of opportunities to people to show and hone their talents and skills. Indoor Sports Club of IIT Delhi was started with 3 sports namely Chess, Carrom and Cue Sports; but also aims to host a variety of Card and Board games as a part of recreational activities. We aim to provide the best facilities and competitive environment for our players to develop and refine their skills.

Currently we host various competitions in Chess, Carrom and Cue Sports such as: Inter-Hostels(for each sport), Institute Blitz Tournament, Institute Carrom Open, Pool Open Tournament and many more. We aim to introduce a year round Chess Tournament in Ladder format: Chess Ladder and also include Board Games in the academic year 2017-2018.


One of the world's most popular two-player strategy games, Chess is played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online and in tournaments.


Amongst the world's favourite indoor games, Carrom is a very interesting game originated from pool billiard. It is played by either two players or four players in two teams. Players take turns using their fingers to flick strikers at checker pieces, knocking the checkers into pockets in the corners of the board.

Cue Combat

Subdivisions within Cue Sports

1. Billiards

2. Pool

3. Snooker

Cue Sports are a wide variety of games of skill which require concentration and coordination to control the cue and cue ball in order to sink other balls on the table.

Himansh Jain

Club Secretary