About Inter IIT

One of the best inter college event is Inter IIT Sports Meet in which all the IITs participate. This is the best opportunity for a sportsperson to prove oneself. It is organised in one of the IIT and is organised with all its best facilities and measures. Last time, it was organised in IIT Guwahati in December 2013. IIT Bombay will be hosting this year’s 50th Inter IIT Sports meet. Inter IIT hasthe most popular games such as Football, Cricket, and Basketball to the rare ones like Squash, Table Tennis. Moreover, athletics and various aquatic events are also promoted in this meet to encourage more participation. In this Inter IIT Sports Meet every IIT fights for its victory so it is a kind of battlefield not only a competition.

The magnificence of the event can be arbitrated by the fact that the team members do training and practice throughout the year and give in their best. Coming to the Performa of the event, each sport carries 10 points for the winners, 8 for the runners up, 6 for the 3rd place and 4 for the 4th place. However, in athletics, the numbers are 20, 16, 12 and 8 respectively. In this way, the total points for a particular IIT are summed up and the total is known as their General Championship tally. The IIT with maximum General Championship tally wins the Inter-IIT Sports meet, and gets to lift the prestigious trophy.

This Inter IIT Sports Meet is not only the competition but it creates feeling of peace and unity among the members of the opponent team and students who belong to different regions and states. Sports and competition give confidence, joy of winning, fear of losing, will power, strength and most important gives a new personality in his/her own life. As sport is a need to be fit in one’s life, so we the sports council, believe that student should participate more and more to upsurge the level of competition. So if you feel you are good at some sports, don't sit in your rooms. Come out of the closet, and make some impact.