About Inter IIT

The Inter IIT sports is the largest sports meet organised in the IIT Circles. The players sweat it out all year around to excel in this single event, where you get to represent your college and fight for the podium with the best in the business. It is such a large organisation that the preparations have to start a year well in advance. The amount of time, energy and effort put into these organisations culminates in this beautiful annual sporting event which is held in various IITs in a cycle. Contrary to the popular belief that IITians don't excel in sports, we see here the bestest of athletes engaged in fiercest of competitions.

Inter IIT 2016

The Inter IIT 2016 was a grand event organised by the sporting powerhouse IIT Kanpur from Dec 11 to Dec 19. The stakes were higher than any other year due to the Madras Inter IIT being washed away by tragic floods and different IITs were ready to lock horns after 2 years. IIT Delhi were confident of their practice but we were the underdogs against Bombay, Roorkee, Kharagpur and the mighty Kanpur.

Athletics team was the star performer, not only for IIT Delhi but their performance stood out amongst all the colleges in all the sports. IIT Delhi dominated absolutely all the track events from 100m to 5000m with several medals and record breaking performances. Dileep Pudi broke 100m record for Inter IIT by a whooping 0.4 seconds when he clocked 10.78 seconds (National record is 10.3, to put things into perspective). Rahul Jhajharia was a joy to watch as he bagged 4 gold medals clocking sub 2 min in 800m.The Girls team joined the party too with Gold in both the relay races. Women Volleyball team put in their bestest effort to clinch Gold defeating the heavyweights Kanpur and Bombay. Rutha Shenoy was declared as the Best Player. The hockey team maintained a clean record to completely dominate the tournament as they defeated host Kanpur to clinch the gold in a one sided match. It is a really commendable effort and the players deserve a salute for their dedication and perseverance. Same is the case with squash. The team commuted daily to siri fort auditorium to practice and this bore fruit when Abhimanyu Dubey and Co. came back home with a silver. The cricket team did extremely well to clinch silver in very different cricketing conditions altogether. A team packed with spin bowlers, IIT Delhi showed great teamwork and commitment to achieve the feat. The Women table tennis team finished 3rd to bring another medal home. The badminton team riding high on the legendary Amit Kothari clinched bronze in a display of some great teamwork and skill.

The Volleyball Men team's loss to Roorkee in the quarters was a major heartbreak. In a match where we were put down by injuries, the team went on to lose the last point against duece. Basketball was a setback when we crashed out in the league itself in the men's category and finished 4th in the Women's category in a well contested match, but with an excellent team and dedicated players, we hope to score some hoops and bring that gold. Table Tennis men finished fourth too but we did put up a great fight. Lawn tennis is another court we could dig gold from with national players like Adhhayan and emerging players like Tanmay and Aditya leading the team. IIT Delhi has had a golden history in football but unfortunately we crashed out in the league stage this time. It's not far away when the Delhi boys clinch a gold, with their focus and hard work, they surely seem to believe in themselves. Our lifters have worked hard every year. Though we couldn't score anything in Kanpur, the boys have been lifting some serious weights to hold those medals round their necks.

To put things together, in a tournament, there will always be wins and losses, some punching above the weight and some heartbreaks. But it's more than just a collection of random sporting events. It's about making new friends, random crushes, getting to know on field rivals who become off field buddies, exploring the city of the host Inter IIT, the lavish meals and the Gala Dinner, a perfect place to socialise and enjoy. It's about seeing your sweat turn to Gold and it's about lending that helping arm to your friend in case of a defeat. Inter IIT is more than just a sporting tournament, it's a mix of a extravagant experience with immense emotions.