There's one thing you never do- You never underestimate an IITian, be it any field. This fact becomes clear when one sees the levels of hockey at IIT-D. Add to this, the vast lush green hockey grounds bordering the insti-area, and you have a hockey player's paradise. Open to the students at all times except for days when competitions are being organized, the playfield can be seen hosting some game or the other at all times owing to its being well-lighted.

IIT-D has an exceptionally good hockey team, both of girls and of boys, which regularly participates in many inter-college tournaments, the Inter-IITs included. The Inter-hostel matches are a treat to watch and provide an opportunity for budding players to perform in front of huge crowds. Hockey also can be chosen in NSO if one wants to learn the game from our national level coach.


Ujjval Chauhan

Captain, Men

Madhusoodhanan R.

Vice Captain, Men


Notice Board

  • BSA is organizing a swimming equipment camp. Cap, costume and goggles available at K.P. Photoshop (Jwalamukhi Hostel) at best prices. Contact: 8802548969, 9999487482
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