Badminton is one of the fastest racket sports in the world and a badminton smash clocks the fastest initial speeds of racket movement and fastest shuttle speeds of the smashed shuttlecock immediately after being hit. the sport demands excellent fitness: players require aerobic stamina, agility, explosive strength, speed and precision. It is also a technical sport, requiring good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racquet movements. Badminton has its origins in India and is one of the most poular games in the country. Many Indians have achieved great feats in the game. To win in badminton, players need to employ a wide variety of strokes in the right situations. These range from powerful jumping smashes to delicate tumbling net returns. Often rallies finish with a smash, but setting up the smash requires subtler strokes. It therefore requires both body and mind to succeed in badminton.


Amit Kothari

Captain, Men

Aman Garg

Vice Captain, Men

Neha Yadav

Captain, Women

Sankalpana Agarwal

Vice Captain, Women


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