Board For Sport Activities, IIT Delhi

National Sports Organisation (NSO)

The National Sports Organization (NSO) is an effort at refreshing the students' bodies, give them a break from academic rigour and enable them to try their hand at new sports.

In IIT Delhi, NSO is graded as S or Z based on number of hours completed by the student in the first two years. A student needs to complete 40 hours in their first year and another 60 hours in next year, to get S grade in NSO. Each student need to complete 100 hours of NSO in the two years or Z will be awarded in NSO and that will be displayed on the official transcript. In case Z is awarded, student is still required to complete 100 hours or he will not be eligible for the academic degree. But fret not, 100 hours of sports in 2 years is not difficult at all. If you play everyday for 2 hours, you can complete it in one semester!

The sports that come under the umbrella of NSO are Football, volleyball, Athletics, Lawn tennis and Basketball.

Student can get his/her NSO hours by:

  1. There are select few students who practice daily with the institute team. They are given attendance at the same time when they come for practice.
  2. Institute runs coaching lessons for students like Peninsula Lawn Tennis Academy, Volleyball Coaching, Baichung Bhutia Football Club etc. Students can join any of these sports and attend daily classes to get their NSO hours.
  3. Fitness programme is run by the institute on daily basis, at the Sports Pavilion. Students can attend these sessions to get their NSO hours.
  4. Apart from the above mentioned sports, if a student is regular in practice in other sports, he/she will be granted the NSO hours on review of the Captain and Coach.
  5. All Inter IIT students get awarded 100 NSO hours automatically. But that's not the purpose for Inter IIT, the purpose is to enjoy the game and win!
  6. However, NSO hours are NOT given for the practice or actual participation in Inter Hostel Sports.

Your Id-Card shall be used to mark your attendance in the database. NSO operates from Monday to Friday except Wednesday. You can check your attendance at which is updated every two weeks. NSO hours are awarded only through attendance that is taken at SAC, Sports Pavilion and the Lawn Tennis Court.

But that's not all!

BSA holds Weekenders (such as rugby, Frisbee, handball and skateboarding etc) during the semester, regular running/cycling events and many more events. Taking part in these can also earn you NSO hours.

NSO has one purpose, to get students to enjoy sports and become fit, both physically and mentally.