Board For Sport Activities IIT Delhi

IITians do not play. If you believe in something on these lines, visit the grounds of IIT-D and be amazed. Contrary to the common notion that IITians are students who have devoted all their time to academics, IIT Delhi harbours students who are recognised for their athletic skills at national and state level. Not only does IIT Delhi provide the best training facilities for sports activities, but also induces the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.

IIT Delhi provides the students with many opportunities to demonstrate their talent on a platform much wider than their immediate peer circle in the form of events like the INTER IIT SPORTS MEET, SPORT TECH and other inter college sports meets. Active participation in sports therefore makes your body physically fit and the time spent in it lively and enjoyable. It is no less important and educating than other extracurricular and academic activities.

Notice Board

  • BSA is organizing a swimming equipment camp. Cap, costume and goggles available at K.P. Photoshop (Jwalamukhi Hostel) at best prices. Contact: 8802548969, 9999487482
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